SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps enterprises worldwide automate international trade processes, manage partners and compliance-related documents, and ensure that the company monitors and complies with the ongoing revisions and amendments to international legal requirements. With SAP GTS implemented, a company can flexibly adapt and meet region-specific customs requirements, increase visibility into global transactions, standardize and automate processes, and minimize delays and contain costs.

If we look closely into all the capabilities that SAP GTS provides companies with, we can further break it down into the following benefits:

Reaping such benefits is indeed possible through the implementation of SAP GTS.. However, many startup companies and even established ones who want to reap the full benefits of SAP GTS but are concerned about having to shell out a huge capital investment turn to third-party vendors for support and implementation needs. (Companies can implement it themselves, but that requires knowledge and experience.) Third-party providers such as Ropaar can help companies implement SAP GTS for a fraction of the costs through our uniqueSAP-GTS-as-a-Service model.

How SAP-GTS-as-a-Service Is Done

In an SAP-GTS-as-a-Service setup, SAP typically provides a BYOL model for the end customer. BYOL stands for Bring-Your-Own-License, a licensing model where companies let you use their license flexibly — whether on-premise or in the cloud. Providers like Ropaar then align with the SAP Account Team, SAP Executive Leadership, SAP Globalization, and SAP Solution Management, so this setup is seamless, completely compliant, and risk-free.

In fact, Ropaar’s approach suggests the customer purchase a license directly from SAP. Then,, Ropaar conducts the SAP GTS implementation, application management, and support services. In return, you as the customer get a fully managed cloud service, enriched SAP GTS solution, and true cloud and BPO benefits all with a single vendor experience.

Ropaar’s SAP-GTS-as-a-Service is available on multiple public cloud platforms based on the customer’s preference — be it AWS, Azure, or GCP. This enables an agile infrastructure and scalable functionalities when needed.

Implement SAP GTS with Ropaar

While implementing SAP solutions might sound like a lot of work, companies like Ropaar can assist you and guide you through your journey. At Ropaar, we have helped various companies from across different industries to deploy \ SAP GTS ensuring that the implementation project is aligned to their specific foreign trade goals and overall business objectives.

By leveraging Ropaar’s years of experience in supply chain management, you can be confident that your organization can overcome current and future trade compliance and supply chain challenges. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and services.