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Simplify product traceability and regulatory compliance with comprehensive supply chain management.

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The Food and Beverages (F&B) industry is strictly governed by regulations. While most F&B companies are known to rigorously observe the norms, the perpetually changing reforms have led to companies recalling food products from their stores. And given the limited shelf life of food products, it has also increased the complications of inventory management. To conform with various regulations, companies are required to implement the utmost accuracy and precision in their business operations, from manufacturing to the distribution processes.

Ropaar offers services to help F&B companies eliminate the rising concerns of product traceability and conform with the stringent regulatory landscape. A food and beverage exporter can leverage extensive Ropaar industry experience conforming to extensive Export document requirements that vary depending on destination country. Deploy our unique Adobe forms solution to quickly generate transaction specific forms be it No Wood certificate or a Halal Request Document, APHIS Sanitary Certificate etc. Similarly a Food Importer can deploy an Import Compliance solution for filing Import entries declaring Partner government agency data e.g. US FDA Bioterrorism Prior Notice, Affirmation of Compliance Codes applicable to their entries amongst other requirements.

With our F& B industry domain expertise, you can gain the following from an SAP deployment with Ropaar:

Consolidated import/export filing

Consolidated import/
export filing

Full lifecycle implementations

Full lifecycle implementations

Comprehensive integration

Comprehensive integration of core processes

Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and Risk Management

Your Trusted “TRADEblazing Partner”

ROPAAR exists to “Break Through the Expected” by being the Trusted TRADEblazing Partner. We reject the predictable, cookie-cutter solutions because we believe that our clients can unlock more possibilities when we challenge the status quo and not blindly follow a formula.

Embed Intelligence Into Your Enterprise Using ClassifAI

ClassifAI is a machine learning-based Trade Classification Assist tool that learns from your existing classification data and predicts trade classifications for new products and serves them over the web to your Global Trade Management Application.

Our industry domain expertise for Food and Beverage companies include:

Improved accuracy of self-filing

Improved accuracy of self-filing of import/export documentations

Minimized expensive export

Minimized expensive export shipment rejections at ports of import


Increased compliance for USDA mandated requirements for all major protein exporting companies

Advanced electronic

Advanced electronic web-based request to USDA for export certificate processes

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