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Digitally collaborate on an open network for greater trust, efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

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Logistics organizations must ensure that products are delivered in the best condition, in the quickest time, and at the cheapest rate possible. To achieve this, the entire logistics operations — from sales order management to contracting, execution, and settlement — must be streamlined and simplified. Proactive risk mitigation is also crucial. Business users should be able to track and trace all assets and processes in real-time and flexibly change parameters should events not go as planned.

To meet these collective requirements, logistics organizations must be able to effectively orchestrate and harmonize logistics resources, processes, and partners.

By creating digital connections across the logistics value chain and removing manual processes, supply chain organizations will be able to improve trust and collaboration, get real-time transparency, and easily obtain intelligent insights into internal and external events.

SAP Logistics Business Networks (LBN) allows logistics organizations to digitally collaborate on an open network to accelerate and simplify logistics processes. SAP LBN leverages advanced technologies such as the Cloud and Blockchain to optimize traceability and freight collaboration. It allows network owners, participants, and data contributors to use data from various sources and turn them into intelligent insights visualized into stories to understand and effectively manage events.

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Simplify Logistics Processes

Using SAP Logistics Business Networks (LBN)

Freight Collaboration

SAP LBN Freight Collaboration option empowers logistics organizations to digitally govern the end-to-end freight order lifecycle and effectively manage appointments. It allows shippers to seamlessly collaborate with third-party logistics providers using “contractless” transactions and real-time connectivity and visibility.

Material Traceability

Material Traceability

SAP LBN Material Traceability option digitally connects supply chains to improve efficiency, transparency, and traceability. It provides logistics organizations with a detailed product genealogy, allowing them to easily trace material provenance and obtain end-to-end multi-ingredient traceability. It helps streamline recalls through cross-company alerting for product issues.

Global Track

Global Track & Trace

SAP LBN Global Track and Trace option is a cloud-service solution that allows business users to obtain real-time transparency and query tracked processes. It graphically visualizes details of ERP processes, milestones, and related locations for easy tracing and tracking of assets and events. It automatically reports planned and unplanned events, empowering logistics organizations to proactively mitigate risks and prevent costly delays.

Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights

SAP LBN Intelligent Insights option is a data visualization and reporting platform that provides real-time insights of a supply chain execution and graphic visualization of supply chain events. It empowers logistics organizations to easily turn data and insights into meaningful stories to help them make informed decisions.

The ROPAAR Advantage

The success of your SAP LBN project depends on who your implementation partner is. As your SAP LBN implementation partner, we help you tailor the right SAP LBN solution approach based on your unique supply chain challenges. We will help you continuously innovate your logistics value chain as your needs change.

Seamless implementation

Seamless implementation and integration of SAP LBN options

Seamless integration of SAP LBN

Seamless integration of SAP LBN with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

Clear implementation

Clear implementation and integration roadmap

Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions and services

Our Approach

We don’t provide our clients with canned and cookie-cutter solutions. We study your business thoroughly so we can provide you with the right solutions to your unique problems and issues. We offer relational — rather than transactional — customer engagement.

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Embed intelligence into your Logistics processes with ClassifAI.

ClassifAI is a machine learning-based Trade Classification Assist tool that learns from your existing classification data and predicts trade classifications for new products and serves them over the web to your Global Trade Management Application.

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Work with our team of SAP LBN experts who are empathetic, think independently, and globally diverse team members that can speak the customers’ language.

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Beyond Technology Implementation

We offer long-term partnerships. We guide you through your SAP and supply chain optimization journey, ensuring you achieve profitable and sustainable outcomes.

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