Ropaar is an SAP Services Company focused on Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics. We are an SAP North American Silver Partner committed to solving complex Trade compliance problems through Superior Domain Expertise, Effective Collaboration, and Cutting Edge Thought Leadership.

We are independent thinkers and innovative problem solvers. Our practitioners have straddled the cusp of SAP technology and trade for over 20 years, helping customers realize the full value of optimized trade, transportation, and logistics operations.

Ropaar is your

Trusted “TRADEblazing Partner”

ROPAAR exists to “Break Through the Expected” by being a Trusted TRADEblazing Partner. We reject the predictable, cookie-cutter solutions because we believe that our clients can unlock more possibilities when together we challenge the status quo and not blindly follow a formula.

SAP experts

SAP experts

singularly focused on building the best Global Trade & Transportation focused practice in the world


Multi-disciplinary expertise

in Trade and its intersection with Logistics, Finance, and Manufacturing

Over 15 years of best-in-class

Over 15 years of best-in-class implementations

with a diverse set of clients spanning multiple industries and geographies

We offer

Small Firm Relationship, Big Firm Deliverables

We serve leaders in the industry who understand the importance of compliance and rules, but demand more and envision more. We go the extra mile, ensuring our clients come first and make sure the experience feels personal, no matter how big we become.

We are thought leaders

Authored the first SAP

Authored the first SAP Press GTS book in 2005

Delivered numerous presentations

Delivered numerous presentations in ASUG/Sapphire forums

Authored white papers

Authored white papers in the trade and logistics domain