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The retail landscape is changing, and so are trade compliance requirements. The “new normal” has forced the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to rethink their strategies to cope either with the decline or surge in consumer demand. But with the growth of e-commerce, consumers and retailers are expecting shorter delivery windows which put pressure on the logistics of supply chain management. CPG companies will need to build a resilient supply chain by reviewing their strategy, footprint, assets, processes, and tools to continue to thrive in the “new normal”.

Ropaar offers services to help CPG companies survive critical disruptions by building supply-chain resilience through digitization and automation. CPG Importers can leverage Self-filing to US Customs ACE system, EU Self Filing to respective government customs systems or broker filing of Imports. Leverage Bonded Warehouse Procedures in EU allowing deferral or elimination of duties payable using simplified procedures, Transit declarations allowing movements under customs control and filings at authorized locations instead of the EU border. All the while complying with strict Import controls and Other Government Agency (OGA) e.g. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US Fish and Wildlife and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statutory requirements for customs filings. Similarly, CPG exporters e.g. Protein exporters can request export certificates electronically from US Department of Agriculture (USDA) minimizing use of paper docs and potential for rejected meat shipments at foreign ports of Import. We help our CPG industry clients leverage applicable Free Trade Agreements (FTA) to minimize their duty exposure and reduce the effort required to stay compliant with FTA rules and regulations.

With our CPG industry domain expertise, you can gain the following from a SAP deployment with Ropaar:
Significant Free Trade Agreement (FTA) savingsSignificant Free Trade Agreement (FTA) savings
Consolidated import/export filingConsolidated import/export filing
Single and holistic transportation platformSingle and holistic transportation platform
Faster results and ROIFaster results and ROI

Your Trusted “TRADEblazing Partner”

ROPAAR exists to “Break Through the Expected” by being the Trusted TRADEblazing Partner. We reject the predictable, cookie-cutter solutions because we believe that our clients can unlock more possibilities when we challenge the status quo and not blindly follow a formula.

Embed Intelligence Into Your Enterprise Using ClassifAI

ClassifAI is a machine learning-based Trade Classification Assist tool that learns from your existing classification data and predicts trade classifications for new products and serves them over the web to your Global Trade Management Application. Our industry domain expertise for CPG companies include:
Manage import/export processes

Manage import/export processes, including licenses and automatic license determination

Screen against

Screen against up-to-date, restricted-party lists

Improve compliance confidence

Improve compliance confidence with checks throughout the processing of sales and purchasing transactions

Calculate product origin

Calculate product origin and preference eligibility for trade management

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