SAP Transportation Management

Optimize speed and traceability while containing freight costs.

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New-age supply chain demands — such as real-time order tracking and low-cost last-mile delivery — have put immense pressure on shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers to continually reinvent their logistics strategies. To meet new demands, transportation leaders must strategically utilize their assets, digitize their processes, and proactively mitigate risks that can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies.

Without a robust Transportation Management solution in place, it is difficult to operate in an ever-increasing competitive market.

To optimize speed and traceability while containing freight costs, you need a best-in-class solution in place that allows you to:


Seamlessly integrate core supply chain and business processes.

Automate and standardize

Automate and standardize order management and transportation planning.

Obtain end-to-end

Obtain end-to-end visibility into transport activities.

SAP Transportation Management (TM) offers holistic and innovative transportation management and comprehensive process and multimodal coverage. With SAP TM, you can optimize order management, freight planning, freight monitoring, and execution. SAP TM’s powerful analytics capabilities empower you to maximize asset use and control freight costs without negatively impacting the customer experience.

SAP transportation

Enable Frictionless Transportation Activities

Using SAP Transport Management (TM)
Automated Order

Automated Order Management

Improve the efficiency of order and process management through automation and standardization. Create rules-based routing proposals aimed at minimizing freight costs and enhancing customer service.

Data-driven Transportation

Data-driven Transportation Planning and Execution

Fully harness data to improve resource utilization and carrier selection, significantly reduce transportation costs and achieve right-time delivery. Eliminate manual activities to increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

Strategic Freight Costing

Strategic Freight Costing and Settlement

Maximize the return on transportation spend through automated freight settlement, consolidation, and negotiation with simulation and what-if analysis. Improve transparency and accuracy using automatic transportation cost calculation and integrated transportation management and billing.

Real-time Analytics And Reporting

Real-time Analytics And Reporting

Enable real-time, data-driven decision-making using real-time analytics and flexible reporting. Use intuitive dashboards and graphical visualizations to easily understand real-time transportation events and proactively mitigate risks.

The ROPAAR Advantage

The success of your SAP TM project depends on who your implementation partner is. As your SAP TM implementation partner, we will help you tailor the right SAP TM solution approach that is aligned with your unique logistical challenges. We will help you continuously innovate your Transportation Management as your needs change.

Single and holistic

Single and holistic transportation platform

Fully automated

Fully automated transportation processes

Comprehensive integration

Comprehensive integration of core processes

Global rollout

Global rollout capabilities

Our Approach

We don’t provide our clients with canned and cookie-cutter solutions. We study your business thoroughly so we can provide you with the right solutions to your unique problems and issues. We offer relational — rather than transactional — customer engagement.

SAP Global approach


Embed intelligence into your Transportation Management with ClassifAI.

ClassifAI is a machine learning-based Trade Classification Assist tool that learns from your existing classification data and predicts trade classifications for new products and serves them over the web to your Global Trade Management Application.

Your Trusted “TRADEblazing Partner”

Work with our team of SAP TM experts who are empathetic, think independently, and globally diverse team members that can speak the customers’ language.

Small Firm Relationship Big Firm Deliverables Global Presence SAP Experts Extensive Experience Best-in-Class Consultants

Beyond Technology Implementation

We offer long-term partnerships. We guide you through your SAP and supply chain optimization journey, ensuring you achieve profitable and sustainable outcomes.

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