SAP GTS HANA -as-a-Service Implementation

Get the full benefits of SAP GTS in a convenient and cost-effective subscription package

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Ropaar’s SAP GTS-as-a-Service allows customers to get the full benefits of SAP GTS so they can upscale their global trade operations and simplify compliance without having to commit to the hefty upfront investment it usually entails.

We offer a secure, cloud-based offering that helps accelerate the adoption of SAP GTS without massive implementation costs while at the same time reducing risk, lowering the cost of ownership, and speeding up time to value with SAP GTS usage.


Service Highlights

SAP GTS-as-a-Service

Ropaar’s SAP GTS-as-a-Service is available on multiple public cloud platforms based on customers preference (AWS, Azure, GCP) that would allow them to scale with agile infrastructure and add functionality when needed.

Ropaar provides SAP GTS implementation

Ropaar provides SAP GTS implementation, GTS AMS Functional Managed Services, and technical support services with enriched SAP prebuilt GTS bundles on a monthly subscription basis over 3-, 5- and 7-year instances.

result for a customer

The end result for a customer would be a fully managed SAP GTS cloud service, with enriched SAP solution components (Fiori/HANA) — all with one vendor experience to enable true cloud and BPO benefits.

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