With today’s global trade businesses slowly returning to normal, the rising difficulty linked with moving goods across borders has made handling business processes extremely complex. This is mainly due to changing trade regulations, foreign policies, and constantly changing customs rules and procedures. And while most enterprises have some systems in place, confronting compliance with constantly evolving regulatory filings concerning security and customs is particularly challenging.

Leveraging global trade solutions can help enable automated trade compliance. If business leaders fail to properly oversee this complex area of trade compliance appropriately, they could face higher costs and greater risks thus, putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

Bring Value to Your Supply Chain with SAP GTS

Enterprises having global trade operations must stay on top of their foreign trade laws and customs regulations. If applicable regulations are not implemented correctly, products may not be procured or delivered on time or if there are oversights in export controls or customs declaration, it can result in sanctions, penalties, and fines. This is why it is crucial to have an integrated approach to your global trade strategy instead of numerous solutions catering to various operational departments such as purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, and sales.

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) simplifies your trade compliance for smoother and faster global transactions. SAP GTS is a complete suite of solutions for global trade management that empowers you to automate, standardize, centralize, and manage global trade compliance requirements.

By utilizing SAP GTS, enterprises can trade globally with confidence by having an:

With SAP GTS, you get a comprehensive set of capabilities for integration with core supply chain / financial systems to promote full compliance with international trade regulations.

Implement A Fully Managed SAP GTS with Ropaar

Get the full benefits of SAP GTS in a convenient and cost-effective subscription package. Ropaar’s SAP GTS-as-a-Service allows customers to upscale their global trade operations and simplify compliance without having to commit to the hefty upfront investment it usually entails.

Ropaar offers a secure, cloud-based offering that helps accelerate the adoption of SAP GTS without the massive implementation costs while at the same time reducing risk, lowering the cost of ownership, and speeding up time to value with SAP GTS usage. Moreover, Ropaar can bundle the implementation and AMS services in a subscription model, enriching the SAP application and enabling a true SaaS consumption model over 3, 5, and 7-year terms.

Let Ropaar be your TRADEblazing partner, so you get a fully managed cloud service, enriched SAP GTS solution, and true cloud and BPO benefits all with a single vendor experience. To learn more about how you can get a fully managed, cost-effective SAP GTS solution, contact us today!