Today's market trends are volatile with the entire supply chain being disrupted by various events such as COVID-19, political unrest, emerging technologies, and changing customer expectations. Leading industries such as CPG, chemicals, manufacturing, food production and processing, and oil & gas are plagued by uncertainty and disruption, especially about its logistics network. These industries are under a lot of pressure to deliver their goods faster and provide better service at the minimum cost possible.

Thus, the shift to digitalization is crucial to improve the capacity to move goods across transportation networks. Digitalization can greatly help track shipment in real-time and lead to faster, better-informed decisions.

Optimize Speed and Traceability with Minimum Costs

Various constraints such as great distances between supply chain partners, shipping lead time, and its associated costs can upset suppliers relating to service levels with its customers. To optimize speed and traceability while containing freight costs, you need a best-in-class solution that can:

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) offers holistic and innovative transportation management and comprehensive process and multimodal coverage. With SAP TM, leading industries in need of logistics can expect improved on-time delivery and get real-time visibility into global and multi-modal shipping. Its powerful analytics capabilities empower companies to maximize asset use and control freight costs without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Implement SAP TM with a Trusted TRADEblazing Partner

Let Ropaar be your implementation partner that will help tailor the right SAP TM solution approach that is aligned with your unique logistical challenges. Our services include:

To learn more about how Ropaar and SAP TM can optimize speed and traceability while containing your freight costs, request a demo today!