Global trade is now more relevant than ever in supply chain management as the world becomes progressively interconnected. Nowadays, both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers are searching for products on a global scale. They are constantly on the lookout for the best prices and deals that they can find. With this, many companies have opened their doors to global exporting. A 2020 report by Statista shows the United States as the third-largest global merchandise exporter in the world, accounting for 8.1 percent of our total export trade.

Global Trade Compliance and SAP GTS

The most pressing issue for vendors and customers alike is global trade compliance. Adherence to differing laws and regulations per country proves to be a challenge as it causes delays in delivering products around the globe. In turn, this obstructs a supply chain’s ability to meet global consumer demand and impairs customer experience.

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is a helpful solution in mitigating global trade compliance issues. It streamlines global transactions by allowing supply chain leaders to automate, standardize, centralize, and manage global trade compliance requirements. These, in turn, help maintain consistency across global operations, advance global trade within the supply chain, automate trade compliance, and boost bottom-line profitability.

The Cost of Efficiency

While SAP GTS offers substantial advantages for global trade compliance, it requires a heavy investment – particularly with licensing and implementation. A common concern among supply chains is that they work within tight means, and solutions such as SAP GTS are characterized by a costly and upfront acquisition. As a result, some supply chains cannot simplify global trade compliance and make transactions smoother and faster.

An SAP GTS Subscription Model

To address budget concerns with investing in SAP GTS, a subscription model serves as a compromise between cost and functionality. An SAP GTS subscription allows supply chains to avail of its complete services with smaller, recurring payments as opposed to a heavy upfront investment.

Customer-centric partners such as Ropaar offer subscription packages to empower supply chains to experience the full benefits of SAP GTS cost-effectively. Ropaar’s SAP GTS-as-a-service offers a secure and cloud-based service that accelerates the implementation of SAP GTS without major costs, while simultaneously reducing risk, lowering the cost of ownership, and increasing SAP GTS usage value. Through this, supply chain leaders are assured of:

Ropaar’s SAP GTS-as-a-service is where cost-effectiveness meets efficiency as it provides its customers with a fully managed cloud service, enriched SAP GTS solution, single-vendor experience, and true cloud and BPO benefits. Through this, supply chains now have the ability to trade globally with confidence and productivity.

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